18ft Tiki Plunge
18ft Tiki Plunge


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Best Rates
1 Day Rental: $350.00
2 Day Rental: $525.00

Setup Area: 38ft L x 20ft W x 21ft H

Actual Size: 32ft L x 11ft W x 18ft H

Monitors: 1 Adult Required

Outlets: 1 Standard 120V Outlet - 20 amps

Age Group: 3 and Up


Get ready to take the ultimate plunge with our thrilling 18ft Tiki Plunge water slide - a classic design that will have you screaming with joy! As you enter on the left side, the sturdy grip handles on the stairs will ensure your safety as you make your way to the top. Once you're there, get into position on the right and brace yourself for an exhilarating ride. You'll experience an incredible 18ft plunge down the wide slope of the slide, gliding along as it levels out before landing in the cushioned, inflated pool below. Once you've finished your ride, you can exit off the right side or, if there's no line, climb back up the stairs and do it all over again! With vibrant, eye-catching tropical colors all around and a fun Tiki Plunge graphic at the top of the inflatable, this water slide will be the center of attention for all onlookers and attendees at your event. As you continue to slide down for hours on end, you'll feel the perfect tummy tickle and can't help but smile from ear to ear. Come join the fun and experience the thrill of the 18ft Tiki Plunge water slide!

Can be used Wet or Dry

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