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The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding party rentals from Franklin Inflatables. You can check the list for these common questions and their related answers. However this list is in no way complete, so if your specific question is not answered here, please call us and we will be happy to address your concerns.

Q.Do you require a deposit?
A.Yes, we require a $50 security deposit to take a reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. If the deposit is not received within seven days, we will give you a courtesy call. You then have 24 hours to pay the deposit to remain on the schedule. After 24 hours, the rental is forfeited.

Our deposit return/forfeiture guidelines are as follows:

* If customer cancels due to rain before the delivery is in route, a 100% refund is afforded to the renter.

* If customer cancels due to rain while delivery is in route, refund is not afforded to customer, however, deposit amount is applied toward the next rental within 1 calendar year.

* If customer cancels after delivery truck has arrived, no refund of deposit is given.

* If customer cancels after inflatable is set up, 2 times the deposit amount is due to Franklin Inflatables.

Please bear in mind, there are different circumstances behind every cancellation. We will always do our best to be fair to all of our customers. We are also mindful of the fact that we are in business to earn enough dollars to keep the lights on, thus, we will not refund deposits unless they meet the guidelines above.
Q.What happens if it rains?
A. Cancellation due to rain can be challenging in our Southern Tennessee climate, but we have implemented what we believe to be the fairest rain cancellation policy. In our region, rain can be localized, with one town experiencing heavy rainfall while a nearby town enjoys clear skies. Due to this unpredictability, it is the renter's responsibility to cancel in the event of rain. We want to avoid canceling a delivery mistakenly. Our policy dictates that we will only cancel in cases of significant and dangerous weather. Please be aware that a minimum payment is required upon checkout, and it will be credited towards the total balance. If you cancel before our arrival for setup, the minimum payment is refundable. However, if you cancel upon our arrival, the minimum payment will be retained as credit, which can be used for a future event within one year. Full payment is due once setup begins and is non-refundable.
Q.If I get more than one inflatable, will you give me a discount?
A.Yes. We offer discounts for two or more inflatables rented the same day, same hours, and same location.

Give us a call and we'd be happy to work out an appropriate discount.
Q.Can I allow food, beverages, water or toys inside of an inflatable?
A.No. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, cleanest products. Food and beverages compromise cleanliness, and are therefore, not allowed. Toys in the inflatable may cause damage. Specifically, silly string is caustic to the surface of the inflatable and is prohibited.
Q.When do I need to reserve?
A.Please call early for best availability. We can't stress this enough. Many times people will plan their entire party three months ahead of time and then try to reserve an inflatable two weeks before the scheduled event. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, we are very busy and items book quickly. During the Winter, the smaller, garage sized bouncers are in high demand. A good idea is to call us when you decide on the date of your event to determine availability. Then, contact your guests after your desired piece is reserved. By calling early, you are sure to obtain the item you want on the date you've scheduled.
Q.What about electricity?
A.All inflatables run off of a fan that operates continuously during rental. For safety, all inflatables need to be set up within 75ft of electricity. Please keep this in mind when planning the layout for your event.
Q.Is delivery and set up included in the price?
A.Delivery, set-up and pick-up is free to most locations in Williamson county and surrounding areas. Please call for applicable delivery charges if delivery location is farther than 30 miles from Downtown Franklin. If delivery is charged for your area, it is one flat fee regardless of the number of units you have delivered that day.
Q.Do you give a discount to non-profit organizations?
A.We do offer a discount for multiple pieces rented on the same day, same location and hours, please call for details. Due to insurance reasons, we are unable to offer free items to non-profit agencies. If your organization is a current customer of ours, and would like information on large event fundraising, please call for info. We are always willing to work to try to provide the best value for your budget.
Q.Do you offer a military discount?
A.Yes. We offer a 10% discount on rentals to active, reserve, and retired military personnel. It is our small way of saying, "Thank You" to our heroes. Please let our reservation staff know that you are in the military when you call, and we will be honored to extend this discount to you.
Q.What if I change my mind?
A.If you should change your mind about the Inflatable that you've reserved, we will do our best to accommodate any changes (hours, items, etc.) However, we cannot guarantee availability. In the event that you decide to cancel your reservation, we will refund the deposit only if the cancellation has been received with five (5) days from when the reservation was taken. All other cancellations will result in forfeiture of deposit. Please remember that we are removing the item from availability when you reserve with us, so please be sure of your selection at the time that you place your reservation.
Q.How far in advance will you set my rental up?
A.We ALWAYS set up prior to your rental time and take down afterward so that you receive your full rental. Due to the delivery schedule on your day, you may receive extra time, at no additional charge to you. Your rental will begin and end at your contracted time, regardless of how early our driver sets up or how late he takes the unit down. Set up and take down is fully decided by the needs of our staff. Drivers do not have the authority to change rental times. All change requests must be made with our office prior to rental.
Q.Do I need a perfectly flat area?
A.The area for your inflatable set up does not need to be perfectly level; however, a reasonably flat area is desired. Inflatables can never be set up on a hill. If there is a question, we can arrange for a possible site survey of your location, at no additional charge. Site surveys can only be done if Franklin Inflatable staff members are in your area, and are strictly done at our convenience. Please call for details.
Q.Can I put an Inflatable in my driveway?
A.For safety reasons, Inflatables should always be set up on a grassy area. Rarely, a customer cannot fit the desired piece due to yard size. If we cannot fit the Inflatable anywhere else but in your paved driveway, that may be acceptable. Driveway set up is always a last option, and only allowed upon the authorization of Franklin Inflatables. Inflatables may NEVER, under any circumstances, bet set up on sand, dirt, wood chips, or gravel of any kind. Serious injury to patrons or damage to the Inflatable could occur.
Q.What size area do I need for the Inflatable?
A.You need at least a 20ft x 30ft area for most of our Inflatables.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (615) 504-7401

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